How to create and use Scoreboards

Use Flexyscore is pretty simple. Just log in and rely on instinct to create and manage the various scoreboards. If you know your sport you will have no difficulty understanding how to manage a match on the fly.

Flexyscore menu screenshot

Create / Pause / Restart / Delete: Before starting the show, click on your sport > enter the team names and confirm with "insert". A new scoreboard will authomatically be created, ready to be inserted into the broadcasting software.

You can pause the game at any time by clicking on the "Pause" button. Flexyscore will save the result and you can restart where you left off (this function is useful in case of problems, for example if the connection drops).

At the end of the match, when the scoreboard becomes useless, you can permanently delete it by clicking "Drop" (remember that Flexyscore offers up to 3 matches simultaneously).

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How to insert Scoreboards in broadcasting software

Flexyscore link screenshot

Most of modern broadcasting softwares integrate the WebView functionality: this means they can render content from the web. Thanks to this feature, we will be able to insert Scoreboards within the live broadcasts. At the bottom of all controllers you will find a linked URL (for example: live.flexyscore.net/basket/3.html), just enter this URL into the software.

How to test Scoreboard: The generated scoreboard is a "simple" web page, all browsers can read it. Simply click on the URL and a new page will open where you can check if everything is ok.

We tested Flexyscore with the most popular streaming software: OBS, Streamlabs, Wirecast, vMix, Studio 6 Livestream. In all cases, the response was more than positive.

Below a short video explaining how to insert Flexyscore into OBS.

In the next video we explain how to use Flexyscore from a smartphone.

How to insert your logo

To see your Logotype in scoreboards you must insert the direct URL of the image (for example http://www.mysite.com/logotype.jpg).

Encrypted URLs (www.mysite.com/xpRtgf65%r?=&54) or page URLs (http://www.mysite.com/logotype.html) and even fewer local URLs (file:///C:/../logotype.png) won't be accepted. If you entered the correct URL you will see your logo appear on the scoreboards generated later (not in existing ones).

change your logo explained

In this case we used a .SVG vector file (thanks Tony) but in most cases .Jpg and .Png files are also supported, this depends on your broadcasting software.


Logo size: Bigger isn't Better: Big images are heavy to load, the dimensions with which they appear in the scoreboards are approximately 100x100 pixels. You can make a bigger image but it won't improve the render.

tennis match with personalized scoreboard
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