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Before contacting us for technical problems, read FAQ in the next section, you will find the most of troubleshooting.

If you need new scoreboards for your game or specific modules contact us: we will be happy to help you!


Frequently troubleshooting

  • Is it possible to use Flexyscore offline?

    It is not possible, Flexyscore is a web based system so it always needs an active connection to work.

  • Can I use Flexyscore for a direct Live Stream from my smartphone or tablet?

    No you can't. Flexyscore is not an app for Android / IOS, it is a web-based system specifically for broadcasters. If you need a smartphone app we can suggest SportCam for Android but it is not the only one, on the Google Play Store or IOS App Store there are a lot.

  • Can I customize my scoreboards?

    Of course! Flexyscore has been programmed to give you as much freedom as possible, visit the MasterClass section for all the details.

    If you need support to create your custom graphics contact us, we will make a quote for your project.

  • Enter Url of your image logo

    You must insert the direct URL of the image (for example Encrypted URLs ( or page URLs ( and even fewer local URLs (file:///C:/../logotype.png) won't be accepted. If you entered the correct URL you will see your logo appear on the scoreboards generated later.

    Bigger is not Better: Big images are heavy to load, the dimensions with which they appear in the scoreboards are approximately 100x100 pixels. You can make a bigger image but it won't improve the render.

    Image file format: It depends on the software you use, for example OBS supports .jpg .png and also .svg but not .wepb

  • Scoreboard does not appear in my broadcasting software

    Make sure you entered the correct URL, try pasting the url into your browser: if it appears, then the problem is software-related. If the scoreboard does not appear in the browser, delete the the scoreboard (pause > drop) and create another one.

  • I want to enter very long names, how can I do?

    You can't! We set the limit to 20 characters, for several reasons .. Firstly because too long names make the scoreboard too big, so it would occupy most of the screen.
    The Scoreboard (as the big broadcasters teach us) must be clear, legible and as small as possible, which is the reason why team names are often reduced to just three characters.

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